Merton Council has called on Clarion Housing to take urgent action on a number of repairs on Eastfields Estate in Mitcham.

It comes after ITV released footage of the "appaling" housing conditions which saw properties with collapsed ceilings, infestations, severe mould and more.

Mitcham tenants said that the housing association has ignored their complaints about the unfit housing for years - with some residents stating decades.

Clarion Housing has since admitted to failing the residents and agreed that they have "not had the service that they deserve.”

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In April 2010, as part of its transfer of housing stock, Merton Council transferred all of its tenant properties to a housing association Merton Priory Homes which is now part of Clarion Housing Group.

Clarion housing has promised to regenerate the estate and said it is committed to a £1 billion plan to demolish the current blocks and re-home the residents in brand-new properties.

But the housing association told ITV that it could be another five years before residents are moved out of Eastfields Estate.

"I am so sorry that Clarion and residents have not had the service that they deserve," said Clarion’s Director of Housing Vicky Bonner.

“Regeneration is a complex business and takes a long time.

“Getting the balance right between how much you spend in the short and the long term on an estate that ultimately has come to the end of its life is difficult.

"I'm absolutely clear that we have not got the balance right on the Eastfields estate."

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Merton Council said that they are still waiting on a response from Clarion, after they requested a timeline for how long the regeneration will take.

Wimbledon Times: Councillor Martin Whelton pictured at a meeting with residents of Eastfields Estate ( picture by Merton TV )Councillor Martin Whelton pictured at a meeting with residents of Eastfields Estate ( picture by Merton TV )

Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and the Climate Emergency, Councillor Martin Whelton, said: “As soon as we were made aware, we met with Clarion and have been pushing for a full response and a timeline for the wider regeneration of the estate, which is long overdue.

"But these images are a disturbing insight into the quality of housing that some tenants are living in and must be addressed as an urgent priority.

"There can be no excuses about their failure to undertake basic repairs on many houses.

“We also found it very disappointing that Clarion failed to attend a recent meeting with residents, but we now need to move forward and ensure that Clarion commit to working with residents and the council to address the repairs.

"There also needs to be a clear timeline that puts residents first and involves Clarion listening and actively engaging with people on the estate.

"We have insisted on much better, more regular communication between Clarion and residents, as well as the council. That starts with a safely-managed discussion to understand the views of tenants.

"Clarion are responsible for the supply and maintenance of the borough’s housing stock and we expect them to put this right –every resident has the right to a decent standard of living.”