Footage shows the "dire" conditions inside hundreds of properties on a housing estate in Mitcham.

As previously reported, families living on Eastfields Estate have been left to live with severe damp, leaks, rodents and other maintenance issues.

Residents on the estate said that they have been complaining to their housing association, Clarion Housing for decades.

On Wednesday (June 16), ITV revealed footage which showed the appalling conditions that residents have been forced to live with for many years.

Juliet Arthur lives on the estate with her husband and their three children, she told ITV how they have lived without any lights on the top floor of their house for eight months.

The mother of three told reporter Daniel Hewitt that her and her husband work three jobs between them to pay Clarion £1,300 a month for the property.

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ITV reported how the lights had cut out in November last year, after a leak in her living room led to the ceiling to collapse, inches from where her son was doing schoolwork.

"Imagine having your child sitting there… and the roof just drops," said Juliet.

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On the other side of Eastfields Estate, resident Janet Amedline, told Daniel Hewitt how she works two jobs to pay for a Clarion flat that is falling apart.

The kitchen ceiling is covered in black mould, and there are huge holes in the walls that she has been forced to cover herself to stop rodents coming in, reported ITV.

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The shocking footage showed Janet point to the holes she had covered with cardboard, gaffer tape and cement after her complaints fell on deaf ears.

She told ITV how she cannot sleep at night because the rats make noise whilst they move around in her walls.

Asked about whether she has told Clarion Housing about the problem, Janet responded: "I've told them, but they don't care."

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Maria and Christopher Horley have lived on the estate for nearly 30 years, they have watched the estate fall deeper into disrepair, said ITV.

The pair spoke on how Christopher's leg braces make it difficult for him to walk, and that he keeps tripping up over the broken floor tiles in his specially-fitted footwear.

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Reacting to the news that Clarion’s chief executive earns £350,000 per year, they said: "They are not bothered about getting repairs and jobs done.

"They are not bothered about the tenants, as long as they get their rent money each month, that's all they seem to worry about.

"Get her to live in these places and see how she likes it.

"What are they doing for that money?"

Clarion’s Director of Housing Vicky Bonner told ITV News she was “really sorry that any Clarion resident has been put in that position. I am so sorry that Clarion and residents have not had the service that they deserve.”

The housing association has promised to regenerate the estate and is committed to a £1 billion plan to demolish the current blocks and re-home the residents in brand-new properties.

Clarion told ITV that it could be another five years before residents are moved out of Eastfields Estate.

“Regeneration is a complex business and takes a long time,” said Vicky Bonner.

“Getting the balance right between how much you spend in the short and the long term on an estate that ultimately has come to the end of its life is difficult.

"I'm absolutely clear that we have not got the balance right on the Eastfields estate.

“I'd like to apologise on behalf of Clarion to all of those residents. We're determined to put that right and rebuild the trust and give residents confidence in us.”

Clarion's chief executive admitted to ITV that she has not visited the estate in the past twelve months because of the pandemic.

The housing association is set to hold an 'estate day' for the Eastfields Estate where staff will knock on the door of “every single resident".

The estate day will take place on June 25 and June 26.