Women should not be put off joining the Met Police despite a recent violent attack in South Wimbledon where a female officer was kicked, the deputy assistant commissioner has said.

Lucy D'Orsi said two suspects have been charged following the incident in which two police officers were assaulted in Kingswood Road on Saturday.

Footage of the violent struggle, which was shared hundreds of times online, shows a male officer being dragged around the road, while his female colleague took a flying kick to the chest.

Ms D'Orsi was speaking as Scotland Yard marked a century of having female officers on the force, and launched a drive to recruit more women.

"Fortunately, I feel that extremity of violence is still rare. I would encourage people, and for it not to put them off joining policing, that is not what we are faced with all the time," she said.

She stressed none of her colleagues within the force "come to work and expect to be assaulted", condemning the attack as "absolutely despicable".

She added: "That level of violence in my view is completely unacceptable.

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"It is also really disappointing that people chose to just film it or drive by, and for me it is important people do think about calling the police and try and get help for officers."

Women account for just 27 per cent of officers, and as the campaign was launched Commissioner Cressida Dick said the long-term aim is to reach a target of 50 per cent.

Ms D'Orsi said she is optimistic the target is achievable.

She said the "range of opportunities for a fabulous career in policing is absolutely outstanding", adding that the campaign to diversify the Met is needed because the more the force represents the communities they serve, the better.