Two 16 year-old boys charged with multiple counts of rape, sexual assault and carrying a knife in a park have had the cases against them dropped.

The boys, who cannot be identified but live in Mitcham, appeared at Kingston Crown Court earlier this month after the incident in South Park Gardens, Wimbledon, pictured below.

Wimbledon Times:

The community reeled in shock after police were spotted investigating the crime on Sunday, December 20 last year.

January 7: Two teenagers charged with rape and sexual assault in South Park Gardens, Wimbledon, appear in court

The pair were due to be back in court in March to enter a plea.

One boy faced seven charges, including four counts of rape against 15-year-old girls, carrying a knife, sexual assault and causing actual bodily harm.

At the time he was kept in a youth detention centre.

December 29: Residents "shouldn't be alarmed" after two teenagers charged with rape, causing actual bodily harm and carrying a knife 

The other teenager was charged with two counts of rape against a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl.

But a Crown Prosecution Service spokeswoman said after new evidence came to light, it decided there was not a realistic prospect of conviction on any of the charges.

December 21: Updated: South Park Gardens closed in Wimbledon while police investigate sexual assault

The spokesperson said: “This case was charged under the Threshold Test of the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

"Following receipt of further evidence we reviewed the case under the Full Code Test and concluded that there was insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction on any of the charges.

"We have therefore discontinued the case against both defendants."