By Natalie Ruth, Wimbledon

I totally agree that the bus lane on Hartfield Road is, without a doubt, a money making venture.

I was shocked to learn that 5,600 penalty notices were issued in five months and considering the fact that I was one of them.

I received two notices in one day stating that I had driven in the bus lane.

I was absolutely certain that I had not driven in the bus lane, but in order for me to enter into Beulah Road I accidently cut across the end of the bus lane. In my opinion, that did not mean I was driving in the bus lane.  

Perhaps a warning sign displayed stating 'please do not begin to turn here to enter' would help.

This would enable drivers to turn into Beulah road without entering the bus lane.

I cannot comprehend why the bus lane was designed in such a way.

I believe that Merton council designed the bus lane in this way, for no other but one reason; to make money off road users. 

Additionally, if this is the case could someone please tell me one thing: who pockets the £300,000+?

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