I am writing in response to misleading information both in a letter you published, Soaring crime rates mean people no longer feel safe, July 31, and an article entitled, Crime, alcoholism, drug-dealing and betting shops threaten to drive residents out of Mitcham, August 5.

Some people may have an interest in spreading doubts and worry but the facts remain that, in Merton and in London as a whole, police officer numbers are up,  crime is going down, and  confidence amongst residents has risen.

There will be 49 more warranted police officers by 2015 in local Safer Neighbourhood teams in Merton.  And the number of officers visible and out on patrol has increased in the last year - in March, the Met had the highest level of visible officers London had seen for five years

Across London, confidence in policing has increased. In September 2008,  50 per cent of Merton residents were worried or very worried about crime in their area, but five years later this figure is down to 15 per cent.

Meanwhile there has been a 12 per cent reduction in total crimes in Merton in the last year: Robbery is down by 33 per cent,  burglary is down by 21 per cent  and gun crime is down 46 per cent.

Richard Tracey

London Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth