Mon 16th May BOWLS ENGLAND MENS TOP CLUB COMPETITION WEST EALING 5 v ASHFORD 0 Ashford were knocked out by West Ealing as in the same round last year. West Ealing were too strong despite Ashfords valiant attempt.

Tue 17th May FORDBRIDGE MIXED LEAGUE WOODTHORPE 6pts v ASHFORD 4pts This was a closely fought match which was only decided by the last bowl to be played. At six ends Woodthorpe had a 4 shot lead. Ashford recovered and on the twelfth end had got themselves a 5 shot advantage. Unfortunately for Ashford things went a bit pear-shaped after that as Woodthorpe took control of the match. Ashford were clinging on to their lead, but on the eighteenth end Woodthorpe won the shots to sneak ahead 61 - 64 overall and claim the 2 extra points. Ashfords top scorers were Sid Brittin, Carol Stedman and Ian Ford with their 23 - 10 win.

Wed 18th May BOWLS ENGLAND MENS TWO FOURS COMPETITION ASHFORD 45 v BISHOP DUPPAS 17 Ashford played really well against Bishop Duppas to win their first round match. It was soon obvious that Ashford were in good form as they won shots easily and Bishop Duppas could only score the odd single shot here and there. Duppas had no chance as Ashford piled on the shots and put the game well beyond their reach.

Fri 20th May M.C.W.B.A. FOURS COMPETITION The Ashford Ladies began pretty well with two of their three entries being successful at the first stage of the competition. They now play N.P.L and Bishop Duppas in the next round.

Sat 21st May MIXED FRIENDLY MATCH BA CONCORDE 102 v ASHFORD 83 Concorde overpowered Ashford to win by 19 shots. By half way Concorde were eight shots ahead, they progressed steadily and never looked lkie surrendering that lead. Ashfords only winning rink were Wendy Bayley, Peter Collins, Mick Delaney and Kevin Woodhead with a 29 - 11 score.

Sun 22nd May FORDBRIDGE MIXED LEAGUE ASHFORD 6pts v HOUNSLOW CONSERVATIVES 4pts Ashford won three rinks to Hounslows one rink to claim their six points. However Ashfords losing rink had a disastrous game which allowed Hounslow to get two points for the rink win and another two bonus points for the higher total score. Ashfords top scorers were Jane Foster, Bert Law and Brian Duckworth with a 21 - 19 win.

Two of Ashford's Ladies were successful in the Middlesex County trials. June Goulds and Marion Bushnell have been selected for the Johns squad and Marion Bushnell has been selected for the Walker Cup Team.

Ashfords Ashley Tanner has been selected to play for the' Middlesex Mens Team in the Home Counties League