Parking Madness Welcome to the Wimbledon Guardian's PARKING MADNESS series, in which we call on readers to help us promote a just and transparent system of parking enforcement in Merton.

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Parking permits given to firms 'like confetti'

Wimbledon Guardian: Merton Councillor Suzanne Evans, chairman of HCOP

9:01am Thursday 7th March 2013

Parking madness: Businesses accused of abusing parking permits will not have them taken away after they were “handed out like confetti” by the council to private schools and estate agents.

Ticking off for traffic warden who blocked fire exit

Wimbledon Guardian: Needs must: a parking warden doesn't worry about blocking a fire exit

8:00am Thursday 28th February 2013

Parking madness: A parking enforcement officer has been disciplined by Merton Council after he was caught parking on double yellow lines in front of a fire exit in Mitcham.

Parking blunder sends daft driver crashing through fence

Wimbledon Guardian: Parking blunder sends daft crashing through fence

9:28am Wednesday 27th February 2013

Parking madness: Motorists were left bemused by a parking manoeuvre gone horribly wrong this week.

Man wins parking appeal over 'inadequate' council sign

Wimbledon Guardian: WIMB: Man wins parking appeal against Merton Council

1:00pm Wednesday 30th January 2013

A financial advisor has won his appeal against Merton Council after the council was found to have provided inadequate road signs in Wimbledon town centre.

Co-op sorry after customer 'fined' for visiting twice

Wimbledon Guardian: Kevin Finegan threatened to never shop at the Co-op again

1:20pm Wednesday 16th January 2013

A disgruntled motorist has claimed victory after a private parking enforcer tried to make him cough up £90 for using a car park twice in one day in Raynes Park.

Parking officials again under fire for flouting rules

Wimbledon Guardian: WIMB: Parking officials again under fire for flouting rules

2:00pm Tuesday 30th October 2012

Parking officials have again come under scrutiny after another was caught flouting road regulations.

Council refuses to publish traffic warden's 'bible'

Wimbledon Guardian: Clapham street third highest for parking fines

5:00am Monday 15th October 2012

Merton Council has refused to publish the advice it gives traffic wardens on how flexible they should be in interpreting parking bylaws.

Car crime victim 'not exempt' from parking ticket

Wimbledon Guardian: Thanyarat Santichatsak with husband Adrian Mills in Wimbledon Village's High Street

4:50pm Friday 12th October 2012

Parking illegally for only one minute, even just after being the victim of a theft, was not a good enough a reason for Merton Council to cancel a woman’s parking ticket - until her husband contacted us.

Traffic warden with hidden camera spotted on double yellows

Wimbledon Guardian: This traffic warden was spotted not reading the Wimbledon Guardian

11:20am Wednesday 10th October 2012

A traffic warden may have stumbled upon a new way to catch out unsuspecting motorists - by hiding the camera underneath a newspaper.

Parking 'blunder' could cost council millions

Wimbledon Guardian: Fair parking campaigner Nigel Wise says Merton Council's off-street parking by-law is out of date and invalid

9:50am Thursday 30th August 2012

Exclusive: A fair parking crusader who has clawed back £1m in unfair fines for motorists claims an extraordinary oversight at Merton Council could pave the way for £10m in refunds.

Where does the parking fine money go?

8:00am Thursday 2nd August 2012

Letter to the Editor: "Can someone please explain to me the logic behind the punishment for supposed driving offences?"

Where does all that bus lane fine cash go?

8:00am Wednesday 1st August 2012

Letter to the Editor: "I believe that Merton council designed the bus lane in this way, for no other but one reason; to make money off road users."

Council have us over barrel when it comes to parking appeals

12:58pm Thursday 26th July 2012

Letter to the Editor: "If you do lose, you have to pay the full amount of £120 rather than the lower 'pay in 14 days' £60 arrangement."

Council rejects calls to scrap 'cash cow' bus lane

Wimbledon Guardian: The bus lane in Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, has generated 6,000 fines against motorists

7:40am Friday 20th July 2012

Merton Council produces figures from Transport for London which said the bus lane in Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, had improved public transport journeys by 17 per cent.

Traffic warden breaks rules to catch out drivers

Wimbledon Guardian: Not only was the traffic warden parking on double yellow lines...

11:30am Thursday 19th July 2012

A traffic warden was spotted trying to catch out illegal driving in Mitcham - while committing two traffic offences.

We must challenge unfair parking tickets

9:26am Tuesday 17th July 2012

Letter to the Editor: "The introduction of the bus lane on Hartfield Road is a revenue generating exercise - if it were not, the council would not have included the figures in its annual budget... they will have a budget deficit if the bus lane does not bring in the required revenue."

The bemused vicar and his parking ticket

Wimbledon Guardian: Reverend Andrew Wakefield thought he been given a ticket for parking in residents' bay despite having a permit

2:24pm Wednesday 11th July 2012

Letter to the Editor: "I may be first and only resident of Merton to complain that my car wasn't given a ticket soon enough."

Councillors' calls to scrap 'cash cow' bus lane

Wimbledon Guardian: Stephen Hammond MP and Merton Conservative Group leader Debbie Shears make their point by parading a pantomime "cash cow" in Hartfield Road

11:51am Wednesday 11th July 2012

A “cash cow” bus lane brought into Wimbledon town centre last year has yielded nearly seven times more income for the council than expected, councillors have argued in a bid to have it removed.

Merton Council 'excessively legalistic' over parking

6:19pm Thursday 5th July 2012

Open letter to the leader of Merton Council: "I do not know if these cases result from an unnecessarily harsh management approach, or if a few individual officers need to be advised to apply judgement more flexibly. "

Man fined for 73-second stop to read parking sign

Wimbledon Guardian: Local parking changes announced for Boat Race

8:27am Thursday 5th July 2012

A man who stopped for 73 seconds to read a parking sign in Wimbledon has been fined £110.

Parking boss would prefer ticket income to be zero

Wimbledon Guardian: Chris Lee, Merton Council's director of environment and regeneration, insisted there were no bonuses or other incentives for traffic wardens

7:50am Friday 29th June 2012

Merton Council's head of regeneration, which oversees parking control, talks to us about your parking complaints, why they made £3.3m from tickets last year, and the bus lane in Hartfield Road, Wimbledon.

Woman fined after parking ticket 'curls up'

Wimbledon Guardian: Woman fined after parking ticket 'curled up' on window

9:56am Thursday 28th June 2012

An insurance worker who paid £10 to park in Wimbledon was given a £60 fine after her ticket ‘curled up’ on her window.

Ex-traffic warden lifts the lid on parking practices

Wimbledon Guardian: Clapham street third highest for parking fines

7:50am Thursday 31st May 2012

Exclusive: A former traffic warden has described parking enforcement in Merton as a “money-making machine” and describes some of the techniques used to issue tickets.

Driver ticketed by warden parked on double yellows

Wimbledon Guardian: WIMB: Driver ticketed by warden parked on double yellows

7:40am Thursday 24th May 2012

A driver claims he was blocked in a yellow box junction by a council CCTV van parked on double yellows – which then ticketed him.

Could a council typo lead to bus lane refunds?

Wimbledon Guardian: The bus lane in Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, has generated 6,000 fines against motorists

9:50am Thursday 10th May 2012

A typo was discovered in the order to create a controversial bus lane in Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, which residents say should lead to refunds.

Council's 3-point turn over free parking for shoppers

Wimbledon Guardian: Coun Oonagh Moulton with unhappy traders when free parking was cut to 10 minutes

8:00am Tuesday 10th April 2012

Traders appear to have got their way over free parking despite confusion from the council about delaying the u-turn.

Free parking restored in Wimbledon Village

Wimbledon Guardian: Wimbledon Village traders held a protest last week over Merton Council's parking changes

1:43pm Friday 9th March 2012

Merton Council Budget 2012: Shoppers in Wimbledon Village will once against be able to park for free for 20 minutes after council cutbacks were overturned.

'Gestapo parking attendants' scaring off customers

Wimbledon Guardian: Wimbledon Village traders held a protest last week over Merton Council's parking changes

9:16am Friday 24th February 2012

Wimbledon Village's shop owners have reported over-zealous parking attendants amid a sharp downturn in business since Merton Council altered parking charges.

Merton's parking ticket hotspots revealed

Wimbledon Guardian: Merton Council installed the bus lane in Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, on November 18

8:00am Monday 13th February 2012

In barely two months, the new bus lane in Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, has generated more fines than any other traffic enforcement camera or traffic warden in nearly a year.

Abuse against council staff "unacceptably high"

Wimbledon Guardian: In your face: Tempers flared in Wimbledon Village when this parking attendant clashed with a motorist

8:00am Thursday 2nd February 2012

VIDEO: Resident films altercation with a Merton Council parking attendant who lunges at him yelling "paparazzi", despite receiving training conflict management training.

Cut-price Christmas parking signs are 'confusing'

Wimbledon Guardian: Confusing? New signs at council-run car parks in Wimbledon say it is 5p cheaper per half hour

9:04am Friday 9th December 2011

Plans to boost Christmas shopping by cutting parking charges have been criticised for catching out unwitting motorists.

Doctor's parking fine finally torn up

Wimbledon Guardian: 'Nonsense': How we reported the story in May

9:50am Monday 17th October 2011

Merton Council refused to refund a doctor who got a parking ticket while treating a patient because his medical badge was not 'Merton-specific'.

Saturday parking charges dropped after opposition

Wimbledon Guardian: Free parking agreed for Claygate school pick-up times

9:01am Monday 10th October 2011

Earlier this year Merton Council proposed Saturday parking restrictions in 10 areas but now says it would only do so if streets demanded more restrictions.

Furore over tiny drop kerb no parking zone

Wimbledon Guardian: Last year, 42 fines were issues to motorists for parking on this 1.5 stretch of Cannon Hill Lane

7:30am Friday 30th September 2011

Merton Park motorist said he parked on a dropped kerb which looked broken instead of deliberately flattened because it is barely an inch lower than the pavement.

Residents warned not to sell black market visitors' parking permits

Wimbledon Guardian: BEXLEY: Now pay your parking ticket when you pick up your books

1:17pm Wednesday 22nd June 2011

Residents can buy a £165 visitor’s parking permit from Merton Council but there is no system to place to check whether the permits are being used for genuine visitors.

New 'stealth tax' on visitors' parking permits

Wimbledon Guardian: BEXLEY: Now pay your parking ticket when you pick up your books

8:54am Thursday 2nd June 2011

Since April, Merton Council has asked new users of a visitors’ permit pay a additional £25 “administration fee” – £165 in total – while existing users will continue pay the normal £140.

Husband penalised but wife let off for same parking offence

Wimbledon Guardian: "Are they having a laugh at us?": Tom Conlon's parking ticket appeal was rejected but his wife, who committed the same offence, was let off

7:50am Friday 27th May 2011

More parking grievances come to light after an independent tribunal admits that two adjudicators are able to interpret the law differently.

Council refuse to quash emergency doctor's parking fine

Wimbledon Guardian: Free parking agreed for Claygate school pick-up times

3:24pm Thursday 26th May 2011

Doctor's note and BMA badge not good enough to save him from a parking ticket while giving emergency care in Wimbledon.

£85k consultant set to cut parking costs amid charges hike

Wimbledon Guardian: Mark Anderson

7:40am Friday 13th May 2011

Critics question whether council's cost savings will be passed on to motorists after a range of revenue-raising changes were recommended earlier this year.

Bangers and cash for parking tickets

Wimbledon Guardian: Mark Anderson

11:58am Monday 25th October 2010

Sneaky Merton Council has been slapped on the wrist for using “underhand” tactics by driving around in an old banger to issue parking tickets.

Residents accuse council of cashing in on parking tickets

12:10pm Monday 2nd August 2010

Residents claimed the council was cashing in on dozens of parking tickets issued because office workers – until recently hired by the authority – were blocking spaces outside their homes.

Parking charges "unjustified source of income" say Merton councillors

Wimbledon Guardian: A warden hands out a ticket in Merton

6:50am Tuesday 9th February 2010

Spiralling parking charges used to swell the town hall coffers were branded “unlawful” and condemned at a full meeting of the council last week.


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