A proud dad delivered his baby girl on the back seat of his sister-in-law's car in dramatic circumstances.

Gemma Slatter, 30, from St Helier, gave birth to her baby Isla in a Toyota Corolla metres from St Helier Hospital’s maternity ward.

She had made the mile long car journey to hosptial with her family from her home, after her waters broke.

But 6lbs15oz Isla arrived just 10 minutes later as they pulled up outside the maternity unit.

She was delivered by her dad Daniel Timmins, 33, with her 18 month year-old brother sitting next to them.

Mr Timmins had feared the baby might not be breathing, but she was fine, and the family were home together the same day.

The drama started on Monday at about 8am when Miss Slatter began to have pains, shortly after sending her 12-year-old daughter, Casey, off to school.

By 9.15am the pains had become a lot worse and she was soon feeling the urge to push.

Her sister, Helen Bettell, came round to look after their son Beren so she could get a cab to hospital but ended up driving the whole family as Miss Slatter started to give birth.

Mr Timmins caught baby Isla just as they pulled up outside the doors to St Helier’s maternity under 10 minutes later while Mrs Bettell ran inside to get help.

Miss Slatter said: "I still can’t really believe it to be honest.

"I didn’t think she would come that quick. I just remember thinking - how embarrassing.

"I was in the toilet and then my sister was like - you need to go to hospital and I said I felt like I needed to push.

"My poor sister, it was early in the morning and she was supposed to be going to work. I didn’t think for one moment I wouldn’t get to hospital.

"My little boy just sat there and watched all of it.

"Daniel said to Beren 'Mummy’s being a lion' as I was also on all fours. I don’t think he understands.

"I remember pushing one more time and she came out and when I turned around there were lots of midwives.

"Daniel had hold of Isla and he just really wanted somebody else to take over. I know he panicked a bit - my sister was on the phone to [the emergency services] saying is the baby breathing and he said 'I don’t know'.

"I turned around and they put her in my lap and there she was just looking at me."

Daniel Timmins said: "I was calm on the outside saying ‘It’s alright boy’ to Beren.

"When the baby had come out that was the scariest bit."

Miss Slatter said when her daughter Casey got home from school she kept laughing at her mum’s tale of her new sister's birth.