A cheeky 15-year-old has tried his luck for the vacant AFC Wimbledon manager role by suggesting his computer game experience makes him the ideal candidate.

Alec Blatherwick, a Norwich City fan, posted his application on Twitter shortly after Terry Brown left his job as manager.

The Dons had advertised for Brown's replacement on their website and invited applicants to email their CV to the club secretary.

Many high-profile football managers have been linked with the job, including former Brenford boss Andy Scott and Wimbledon FC legend Lawrie Sanchez.

Alec said he would be the “perfect man” for the job with experience in both the Premier and Syrian Premier League after from many hours playing Football Manager 2012.

Applications for the job closed on Tuesday.


The spoof application in full:

To whom it may concern,

I have heard that news that you have parted company with club manager Terry Brown and you are now looking for someone to fill the void.

I am confident when I say, I am the perfect man for the job. I have years of experience in all levels of the game – ranging from the Premier League to the Syrian Premier League and I will undoubtedly be able to turn the fortunes of your mighty Wombles around.

The biggest success I can boast is taking Blyth Spartans from the lower echelons of English football, right up into the Barclays Premier League. This is nothing to be sniffed at, and I am certain that I will be proud manager of AFC Wimbledon in a matter of days. You cannot deny that I have fantastic pedigree within the game, and therefore I realy should be the perfect canditate [sic] for the much wanted role. Not to mention that I am young, passionate and hungry for more success.

A slight disclaimer; I must warn you that I am 15 years of age and these successes have been performed on the PC Game – Football Manager 2012. I must stress that the game is one of the most realistic around and I performed the wonders at Spartans with a budget of £0, so give me anything more than that at Womble’s and we’ll be laughing. This obviously means I am used to working on a tight wage structure. Oh – and my age – this is surely an advantage. With being so young, I will bring a wealth of fresh ideas.

I wait in anticipation for my unveiling,

The world famous Alex Blatherwick

P.S Wages are not a problem