Two councillors have revealed their own personal battles with a taboo ailment in a bid to raise awareness.

Councillor Suzanne Evans and Councillor Linda Kirby, both members of the Healthier Communities and Older People Overview and Scrutiny Panel, have chosen to speak out about the common yet unspoken problem of incontinence - a problem they have both suffered with.

The panel has made it their priority this year to review the condition to find out if women are aware of the help available to them and if the council could do any more to raise the issue.

Coun Evans said: "It’s an issue which most people tend to associate with young children or much older people but the fact is there a huge amount of people my age of child bearing age who suffer from it after childbirth.

"We all agreed on the panel because most of us on the panel have had children.

"It’s a subject we feel is a hugely taboo subject but which affects a lot of people after they have had children.

"We both felt quite strongly about it because we have had personal experience of it.

She added: "I hadn’t gone to my doctor soon enough because it’s something that's embarrassing.

"You like to see yourself as a young, attractive and healthy woman.

"You don’t want to face up to the fact that things aren’t quite right down there as they once were."

Both Councillor Evans and Councillor Kirby had an operation to correct the problem and believe more should be done to let women know about the options available to them.

Councillor Linda Kirby said: "I wish at the time I had written to the paper and said what a fantastic success it was because its just so debilitating.

"It's something you are just not prepared for.

"If it happened to you, you would be devestated.

"It's just really awful.

"I hope if nothing else this article encourages more women to get down to their doctors."

Coun Evans added: "It is terribly common and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

"Don’t suffer in silence."

The panel will begin their review in September and will publish their findings next year.