New police powers to confiscate booze from problem drinkers could in place next month and will cover almost half of Mitcham.

Councillor Peter Walker, who represents Figge's Marsh ward, urged residents to support the plans put forward by Merton Council to introduce a controlled drinking zone.

The proposed zone is not confined to the town centre, where residents have reported seeing groups of "intimidating" street drinkers being abusive in the evenings on Fair Green.

It starts at Cricket Green and extends over the whole of Mitcham town centre, but also across Figge's Marsh all the way into Tooting, up to Merton's borough boundary with Wandsworth on the river Graveney.

Speaking on Monday, at the annual general meeting of the Mitcham Society, Coun Walker said: “It is now in the hands of local residents to respond and support this initiative which I and my local colleagues on the Council plus the police are calling for.

"I urge residents to write in and support the proposal which will give police the powers to confiscate drink from those who are drunk or acting in an anti social manner”.

“It is particularly needed on Fair Green and Figges Marsh at this time of year.

"If residents support this proposal it could be up and running before the end of August”

Early next week, thousands of homes in the area covered by the proposed zone and surrounding areas will receive a brochure from Merton Council asking for their views on the CDZ.

The consultation period began last week and residents can have their say by August 15 by emailing Mrs A Bishop, at Safer Merton, at

Merton's only other controlled drinking zone is in Wimbledon town centre and covers a much smaller area, covering the length of The Broadway, the Hartfield Road one-way system, and the areas around Centre Court shopping centre and Ely's department store.

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