A 10-year-old girl who has not missed a single day of school in her life has been praised by her teachers.

Rahma Salia, a student at Cranmer Primary School in Mitcham, was congratulated for her 100 per cent attendance record at a ceremony at her school on Thursday, July 5.

The studious year 6 student has completed seven years of school, which at 40 weeks per year equates to about 1,400 school days attended without a single absence.

He mother, Linda Mensah, of Riverside Drive in Mitcham, said: “I am very proud of her, but I wasn’t surprised.

“We have not had an issue with illness so she has had to go to school every day.

“She loves school and English is one of her favourite subjects.

“Hopefully she will keep it up. She has got a younger sister in reception so she is looking forward to beating her sister’s record.”

Rahma is due to start secondary school at Sutton High in September.

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