A man who broke into the grounds of two primary schools has been let off with a warning.

The man, who was said to be under the influence of alcohol, first gained entry at Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, in Effra Road, on Friday, June 22, by climbing over a six-foot fence and into the playground.

No children were present at the time and the man, who mistakenly believed his daughter was at the school, was talked off of the premises by the school’s deputy head and business manager.

Nikki Morgan, head teacher at Holy Trinity Primary School, said: "No children were involved in the incident.

"It was someone who was clearly had too much to drink who climbed over the school fence.

"He seemed to be looking for his daughter who he thought, mistakenly, was at this school.

"My deputy and school business manager talked to him and explained they didn’t know the child and encouraged him to move on.

"Fortunately he wasn’t too difficult."

Staff immediately called police and nearby schools to warn them of the man how had already made his way to the nearby Priory CofE Primary School, five minutes' walk away, in Queen's Road.

Neither the police, or school were able to confirm whether than man had got into the school grounds or not, but said he had been swiftly removed from the area by police without arrest.

The school emailed parents the same day to let them know of the incident.

A spokesperson for Merton Police said: "Police were called to a male trying to gain access to a school.

"The man was located and background checks were done.

"He was spoken to by police and removed from the area."

A spokesperson for Merton Council said: "The safety of students is always our priority. "These incidents are virtually unheard of in Merton schools, and the pupils were not at risk.

"All our schools regularly review their security policies and remain vigilant at all times.

"We will be working with the schools and the police to find out exactly what happened in this case."