There is a bigger risk of being raped in Lambeth than anywhere else in London, according to Metropolitan Police figures.

In the last five years, 704 rapes have been recorded in the borough, with at least 120 attacks every year since 2000.

The shocking figures are a dramatic contrast to other London boroughs such as Richmond, which had 102 rapes recorded in the same five-year period.

But Detective Superintendent John Corrigan from Lambeth police said the amount of recorded rapes fell by 15 per cent last year.

He said the number of allegations was likely to be linked to the borough's night-time economy, which he said was alcohol and drug orientated. He said the increase in women drinkers had made the issue of consent more hazy.

He also said the high number of male-on-male rapes in Lambeth could be related to some of the borough's night-time venues.

The amount of visitors coming into Lambeth was also a factor in Det Supt Corrigan's opinion, as was the negative portrayal of women in the borough's thriving rap culture.

"We do have a large number of rape allegations but we also have a good investigation team of 10 officers," he said. "All allegations are thoroughly dealt with and victims are offered support.

"If people are subjected to offences they are encouraged to come forward."

But Ruth Hall, from Women Against Rape, said women were deterred from reporting attacks because only five per cent of recorded cases ended in convictions.

"Some feel they are left unprotected if nothing effective is done, which is the biggest deterrent to telling police," she said. "Others perform a public service by reporting the attack, to prevent others facing the same danger.

"Rape is usually very straightforward - men can tell if women are willing or not but they don't want to take no for an answer.

"Evidence backs up what women say but is often left uncollected by police."