A shop employee who helped a colleague when she had a stroke was nominated to lead athletes into the arena of the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games in London at the weekend.

Shirley Bowes, 61, who works at a branch of Sainsbury’s Local in Wimbledon, was there when a colleague collapsed and she held onto her until paramedics arrived.

As a result of her brave actions, colleagues put Ms Bowes forward to be one of 20 employees from across the UK to take part in the ceremony on Sunday, July 20.

She led the men’s shot put team to the start line in front of a packed crowd of people from all over the country.

Ms Bowes, who has been working for the company for 12 years, said: “I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues in the warehouse and she collapsed in my arms.”

“I was clinging onto her for dear life until the paramedics came and took her away to hospital where they said she'd had a stroke.

“Thankfully she's doing better now but that's how all this came about for me.”

She said she very much enjoyed the day and would do it all again if she got the chance.

Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games were held in Horse Guard’s Parade in London on Sunday, July 20.

Track and field events including sprints, hurdles and high jump were featured at the games, with Olympic and Paralympic athletes including Jonnie Peacock and David Weir taking part.

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