Convincing adults a night at the opera is money well spent can be hard at the best of times. So what about children?

Little Angel and Polka Theatre have taken on the challenge of engaging children as young as three with the artform, producing a 45-minute original puppet opera sung entirely by three singers.

Skitterbang Island is an exciting tale of discovery and friendship which begins with a little girl lost on an island in the very north of the world who meets a shy, curious creature with a strange voice.

The Skitterbang, holed up in his cave full of old metal and junk washed up from the sea, shows her his newest treasure. But to whom does it really belong?

A magical introduction to the world of opera for children aged three to six, Skitterbang Island promises to be a unique experience for both children and adults, challenging preconceptions of what opera can be for younger generations.

With music by Martin Ward, the show features original puppet designs by Sue Dacre.

Skitterbang Island; Polka Theatre, 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon; until August 16, Tues to Fri, 10.35am & 2.05pm/11.05am & 2.35pm; Sats, 11.05am & 2.35pm; £10 - £12; 020 8543 4888;