This is the latest example of Merton Council CCTV vans parking on double yellow lines in Wimbledon.

An eagle-eyed member of the public captured the driver of this vehicle parking on double yellow lines which she said caused an obstruction to oncoming traffic earlier today.

Council workers, including traffic wardens, are permitted to ignore normal parking restrictions while carrying out statutory duties.

The practice has seen angry readers send in scores of photographs of CCTV vans parked in hatched areas or on double yellow lines, sparking the Wimbledon Guardian to launch its Parking Madness campaign to place pressure on the council to act.

Last month a CCTV van was spotted obstructing traffic further up Queens Road.

Merton Council’s cabinet member for parking Councillor Judy Saunders said: "This is a very busy area and some motorists regularly disobey the traffic signals, increasing the risk of collisions which is unfair and dangerous to other road users.

"The law allows enforcement officers to park on double yellow lines to carry out their statutory duties and our officer safely parked here to monitor this busy corner, taking care not to block the road, as shown in CCTV footage where vehicles were able to safely pass by.

"As part of our firm but fair approach, our parking charter explains what we expect from drivers and what they can expect from us and our enforcement manual is online so drivers can see our enforcement policy."