Campaigners against the expansion of Dundonald Primary School have made a series of inflammatory allegations against the council in a published newsletter.

The Protect Dundonald Rec (PDR) group launched a legal challenge against the council’s plans to create an extra 210 school places with a two-storey extension in the High Court on Friday, March 28.

They have been granted a judicial review into the decision.

Councillor Martin Whelton, cabinet member for education, said the council was pleased the court agreed there was no case to answer with regards to the planning decision.

He said he is confident they will put an end to allegations at a further court hearing due for two days on May 21 and 22.

He said: "It’s a shame this has been so opposed. It’s going to be considered in court and we are confident we will win. We have a very strong case."

Lorraine Maries, chairman of PDR, said: "I am thrilled by this positive step - this is the first time in three years that Merton’s actions in this matter have been properly scrutinised by an independent body, and we are confident that at the final hearing the High Court will recognise the irrationality of Merton’s claims."

Campaigners fear the extension will be built on their much-loved park, sports fields and children’s playground.