Safety fears have been reignited after a little girl broke her leg when she was struck by a car outside a primary school in Morden.

Metropolitan Police officers and paramedics were called to Hillcross Primary School in Ashridge Way on Friday, April 4, to reports of a collision involving a young child.

The three-year-old girl, who is believed to have an older sister at the school, was taken to St George’s Hospital in Tooting after the incident at 1.45pm.

Parents and councillors have expressed fears over the ‘dangerous’ parking situation as parents drop off their children, often blocking neighbours driveways and stopping on double yellow lines.

Congestion is said to be particularly bad at the moment because one of the two school entrances is out of action due to building works due to end this summer.

There will soon be three entrances as part of school expansion plans to increase its capacity from 420 pupils to 630.

Mum-of-two Sari Hill, who has daughters Lily Hill, five, and Sofia Hill, aged eight at the school, said: "Something needs to be done about this parking nightmare.

"People park on the zig zag lines and block the road, making it a dangerous place.

"There is no lollipop lady or crossing, it is risky."

Mrs Hill said as the paramedics were treating the young patient, she was crossing the road with other mums and their children when a woman reversed her car outside the school, nearly hitting another youngster.

Mrs Hill said: "We were trying to cross the road and a lady starts reversing.

"She was parking illegally and we had to bang on the window to get her to stop."

Cannon Hill ward Councillor Debbie Shears said she helped to introduce double yellow lines on a trial basis outside the school last year because parking was becoming such a major issue.

Coun Shears said: "It is very sad this has happened.

"We have already put in the strongest measures we could.

"During the autumn term traffic was getting really bad.

"We have been working with the police and council officers and we got double yellow lines put in outside quite quickly."

Coun Shears said the lines are there on a trial basis for 18 months and they would be monitoring the effectiveness of them.

Headteacher of Hillcross Rachel Jacob said: "We wish the child concerned a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with her and her family at what must be a distressing time.

"The safety of all children in and around our school is a top concern for us and that is why yellow lines and zig zag markings are on the road outside the school, to increase the visibility of all road users, including pedestrians who could be difficult to see between parked cars.

"I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to avoid parking on the yellow lines and zig zags outside schools."