A free school offering a personalised curriculum for every child has been proposed by a group of parents and teachers.

If successful, Curioser & Co will be a non-selective, non-faith, community school for children aged four to 11, with plans to open a nursery in the future.

Founders intend to do-away with the traditional school model, proposing a greater focus on digital technology by incorporating apps, games and online courses into learning.

Nikki O'Rourke, a former primary school teacher, early years specialist and parent, said: "It’s part of putting children at the heart of planning, getting them to think creatively."

Mrs O'Rourke, from Wimbledon, believes childrens' curiosity is gradually stifled in the current didactic educational system.

While technology has advanced rapidly, the school system has barely changed in decades, she said. Aiming to open in September 2015, the school would encourage children to lead their own learning, devising individual projects designed to support the community.

Radical learning techniques like online lessons would be combined with practical projects in the classroom, allowing for flexible home-based learning for part of the school day.

The school's eight other founders includes three company directors, a journalist and marketing specialist, a property and buildings specialist and three education specialists.

Curioser & Co hope to secure up to £15m from the Department for Education to build the school when they submit their application in May.

The location won't be confirmed until after the application is accepted, but founders have indicated the school will be in Wimbledon.

Curioser & Co is holding a public meeting on Saturday, March 22, in the YMCA cafe, in Wimbledon.

To find out more, visit curiouserandco.co.uk