A midwife is campaigning for more support for women affected by female genital mutilation (FGM).

Denise Henry, a specialist perineal midwife at St George's Hospital, is championing a number of initiativesn including the circulation of a new booklet which educates GPs and practice nurses about the harmful consequences of FGM.

Clinicians are being urged to contact women from communities that practise FGM about their own experiences whenever routine patient history is taken.

Ms Henry has worked as a midwife for 23 years and supports victims of FGM who have been referred to the antenatal clinic at St George's Hospital.

Twice a month sessions are held to give support and advice to pregnant women facing serious health risks as a result of FGM.

Ms Henry is also working on a national level by contributing guidelines on the prevention and treatment of FGM.

She said: "Supporting GPs to identify victims of FGM and provide information, advice and support to these girls and women is vital and we hope our resources go a long way in assisting clinicians to do so.

"St George’s Hospital provides an outstanding service to pregnant women affected by FGM and we’re keen to extend our care to all women affected by this illegal practice.

"We will be encouraging clinicians to refer patients to St George’s and working hard to eliminate FGM, so all women can live healthy and happy lives without the harmful and traumatic consequences of female circumcision."