An elderly stroke victim has been left devastated after thieves broke into her home while she was on holiday and stole her precious family heirlooms.

Roma King, 77, of Sandringham Avenue, Wimbledon, was on a two-week cruise when her front door was kicked in by burglars.

Concerned neighbours noticed the damage and called police in the morning on October 7 last year.

After a fruitless police investigation, the pensioner is now calling on anyone who may know something to come forward.

Ms King, who has lived in the same house for the last 75 years, believes as much as £20,000 worth of jewellery was taken.

Among the items stolen was her son’s silver christening cup and a coral necklace given to her at her christening in 1934.

She said: “I was away two weeks before I came home to find out I had been burgled.

“I was given a beautiful necklace for my 21st bought from the Burlington Arcade in Piccadilly that must be worth £1,000.

“My christening gift of a coral necklace was also stolen with graduated beads – they probably didn’t even know what they were.

“They took a lot of things but it’s still coming back into my mind what was taken.

“I’ve had three strokes so I’m not as bright as I was.”

Merton police said a thorough investigation had been carried out, but that all lines of investigation had been exhausted.

Detective Inspector Daniel O'Sullivan said: “Enquiries have been conducted with local second hand and pawn shops.

"However, none of the property has been recovered.”

Anyone with information should call Wimbledon CID on 020 8649 4044 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously.