Sutton cricketer Arun Harinath says he and his Surrey team mates are being strong for the family of Tom Maynard after the emotional memorial match in his honour.

Tuesday's CB40 match against the Welsh Dragons helped launch the Tom Maynard Trust in memory of the ex-Glamorgan and Surrey player, who died after being struck by a London Underground train in June.

Harinath said: "You cannot forget the fact that you’ve lost a player and a friend like Tom. Everyone has been affected and when you walk into the changing room there is a massive hole there.

"It is hard for everyone here but then you see Tom’s parents are so strong, you need to be strong for them as well as yourself."

The 25-year-old added: "And you have a responsibility when you’re wearing the feathers of Surrey – people like Tom gave so much for the club it is your responsibility to do the same.

"You have to conduct yourself on the pitch in the way that Tom would have done and that is with the ultimate professionalism and with great talent."