"And I feel better, better. Better than before. I feel better, better. Now I'm not down anymore." So goes the chorus of a song by Gotye, on his third album called Making Mirrors. I'll let you guess the name of the song.

AFC Wimbledon's recent performances made me feel very much worse for wear.

The lack of intensity and confidence that the players have portrayed has been abundantly clear since the FA Cup defeat to Sutton way back when.

Neal Ardley has said in many press interviews since, that the players have performed really well during training sessions, however they seem to have lacked that belief once they crossed the white line in recent games.

Against Charlton and Coventry we were poor, let's be honest, and managed to rescue a point out of both matches. Luckily. However, something happened just before going to Shrewsbury that awoke the beast.

Now, I was unable to get to Shrewsbury but upon following the match via the 9YRS Podcast Twitter feed, I could sense through the updates that there was a sense of belief back within the team.

Plus, we managed to score away after over 12 hours of play being barren away from home.

Something was working until we conceded a 90th minute goal to the Salop to gift them the win. My mind started to buzz, the social media groups went beserk: performances not up to scratch and now losing to teams below us in the league?

Other fans were beyond unhappy. But I looked past it and saw the positives: we scored away from home and we out-perfomed the Shrews when, before, we could just as easily capitulated.

Then comes our visit to Priestfield on Tuesday night, the home of the fragile and confidence-lacking Gillingham.

The only other time that we have come across Ade Pennock, their manager, is when he was the manager of Forest Green Rovers and they dumped us out of the FA Cup last season at Kingsmeadow. So in my mind, Ade had already one up on us.

His Forest Green team was really attractive to watch but his Gillingham team is really ugly to gaze at. Chalk and cheese is a phrase that springs to mind when seeing the difference between Forest Green and Gillingham.

And as we took the lead via a wonderful set-piece converted by Lyle Taylor, I actually saw something happen within AFC Wimbledon. I saw that massive stone being lifted off their shoulders; our team could breathe again.

And even when Bradley Dack, of Gillingham, ran through most of the AFC Wimbledon team to slot in an equaliser, the team's ethos didn't waiver.

But that stone came crashing down on some shoulders when Josh Wright's deflected goal was allowed to stand. For Mr Wright should have been Mr Wrong, as he was so clearly offside that James Shea was the recipient of a yellow card after sprinting a good 40 yards to confront the assistant referee.

Neal Ardley's decision to chop things wildly around at half-time caused around a thousand eyebrows to raise simultaneously around the away end. He took Sean Kelly off the pitch and put Will Nightingale on, reverting to a 3-5-2 formation.

Now, for as long as I can remember watching AFC Wimbledon, I cannot remember seeing us ever play that formation. But it worked: we played over two thirds of the second half in their half and had some wonderful opportunities to score.

And Andy Barcham's equaliser was simple flick-on and he managed to get a little rub-of-the-green and placed a composed finish beyond their goalkeeper.

We then pressed forward for the winner and became a little too gung-ho and actually almost lost it in the end, was it not for a header against a post by one of their players.

"Was it a point gained or two points lost?" I asked Stuart Deacons, the co-host of the Podcast. "I'm happy with a point," he replied, "especially after coming from 2-1 down."

I agree with that sentiment. However, I'm actually less worried about the two points lost than I am over-excited that my AFC Wimbledon seems to have found some of its mojo back.

As Gotye continues to sing in his song: "And there were times I was sure, so sure I couldn't turn it around, I couldn't care any more About the good things I found That's when you gave me a reason To make me smile again I only have to see you and then I feel better, better, better than before....." Yes, I feel better than before; "before" being Charlton and Coventry.

And I think there are loads of other AFC Wimbledon supporters who feel the same way as me. And all I can do is hope that we will keep that positive mentality and faith for the next home match against Walsall.

If we keep playing like we did against Shrewsbury and Gillingham, we will absolutely be fine and not fear that this will be our only season in League 1.