Contributor Mark Hendrikx compares AFC Wimbledon's victory over Oxford United to enjoying a refreshing glass of lemonade.

I absolutely love drinking a refreshing lemonade every now and then. The bubbles, the cool liquid quenching the thirst and the sweet taste of the citric acid hitting the right tastebuds in the back of the mouth. Especially in the summer, I hasten to add.

Saturday was quite the cold day for a lemonade. But the match played in front of us was everything like a lemonade.

The fizz. This game was a match played at such a high tempo that even I was getting tired sat watching it.

I'd like to quickly share that I was sat next to Andy Barcham during the match and he was kicking every ball with his teammates from the Paul Strank stand.

This match had it all: That was a proper ding-dong match. Goal-line clearances, 35-yard shots, contentious yellow cards, a few one-on-ones. And final score of 2-1 to the Dons which actually does no justice. We could have easily won 6-1. We dominated. Except for the first 10 minutes.

Quenching the thirst: Most of our minds were, let's be realistic and truthful, thinking about Tuesday. We were thirsty for something to take our minds away from the FA Cup and back to league matters.

Everyone keeps moaning about no away goals since December 4. Yes, it is a shame but with this home form cracking on, we have very little to be afraid of.

The goals we scored quenched my thirst for quality goals perfectly. Dean Parrett's corker of a shot, which sadly went down as an own goal by the goalkeeper because it came off his back after cracking off the crossbar, was what Kingsmeadow seems to have missed out on.

We don't score many long range shots. We let some in - like their goal after six minutes.

But the goal of the game was our winner. Corner to us, Parrett lines up the ball, Sean Kelly does a run into a gaping space but the ball isn't crossed at all. Cue pissed off comments by our players. Little did we know this was all part of the ruse! All planned.

The Oxford players all point at where the ball is going to go, because they are zonal marking, and Tom does a run into that space being marked by almost the whole Oxford team. Sean is all alone in the middle and Dean crosses to HIM and not Tom. Great vision and superb teamwork. Thirst quenched.

The taste of victory is not to be denied. It was glorious. Especially because had I not had to get home ASAP, I would gladly have bought the Oxford United supporter who overtook me on Cambridge Road a lemon from the Spar and given it to him. He was so bitter. Spouting off insults that weren't insults: "Wannabe cockneys..." or "I pity them having to go to that shithole of a ground week in week out."

My friend and I looked at each other and just laughed. AFC Wimbledon have been chewing that bitter pill of never beating Oxford once, let alone twice in one season, for long enough now.

Yes. I love lemonade. I love Saturday's performance. I'm all full o' love today.

Roll on Tuesday. Because Saturday was a corker of a match and Tuesday should match it perfectly. Like an awesome orangeade; another of my favourite drinks.