The run-in is always the most exciting part of the season. What were the other results? Did they win? Where are we now in the table? Who have they left to play?

These questions are asked by players in dressing rooms in all football clubs from Premier League to the Conference, up and down the country.

After each game from now on somebody will get straight on the phone to check results.

In some dressing rooms the reception is terrible so you have to wait until you're outside.

Endless permutations and possibilities are poured over, if we win here and they lose there or we win by five here and they lose by four there.

Footballers, not being the best mathematicians, struggle sometimes with the huge amount of variables involved.

So instead they resolve to the correct state of mind that it is easier just to concentrate on yourselves making sure to get your own results right.

The phrase "control your controllables" is very important this time of year.

It never ceases to amaze me that after 46 games, promotion or regulation can come down to last day and even the last few minutes of the last day.

Forty-six games and teams still can't separate themselves until the last few minutes.

I've been involved in last day of the league action at both ends of the league and it's very exciting and nervous for both players and fans.

Players need to control these emotions and fans need to support their team until the last minute.

Anything can happen. Enjoy the football.