Last minute equalisers, it's a rush of pure relief. Last minute winner, it's a rush of pure joy and happiness. Both are incredible feelings.

In our past three games, we've had two last-minute equalisers and one last minute winner.

In a season you might get this three or four times but not normally in consecutive games.

The rush of emotions is fantastic, celebrating together with the fans. Into the dressing room and bouncing around, everyone is buzzing.

An old pro once told me jokingly, just have a good last 10 minutes of a game and people will leave thinking you've played well.

Over a season it's probably not true, but if you contribute to or score a last minute goal it's definitely true.

I've also been on the back of a last-minute defeat and last-minute equaliser, it's shattering.

An equaliser you can at least rationalise that a draw is still positive but a last minute loss can destroy a team.

The dressing room is quiet - frustration, anger and disappointment are the main emotions.

Managers have to pick players up because for the majority of the game the team has probably carried out his instructions and then at the last minute it's all taken away and all the effort is for nothing.

You think I would prefer to be beaten well than suffering this... but, once you rationalise, this is probably not true.

I've been a fan watching games and celebrating a last-minute win or defeat, what a rush or complete deflation.

I've been outside a game after being forced to leave early trying to decipher the crowd noise as to what has just happened.

Wimbledon Times:

Sofa joy: Everyone loves a last minute winner when watching from the sofa

Jumping around in front of the telly at home or sinking in disappointment into the couch.

It's brilliant and this is why I love sport and competition and why playing or being involved in sport at any levels, I think, replicates life.

It challenges you, it's not always fair and your basic choice is stop or keep going until the last second of the last minute because anything can happen.