The alarm goes off at 6am. I get out of bed. For me this is an absurd hour of the morning to be getting up.

Into the car and I'm surprised by how busy the roads are.

People who do this every single day, I tip my hat to you.

I'm on the road up to Staffordshire in Stoke-on-Trent for the last contact day of university degree in sports journalism.

I'm doing it through the players union, who have a representative come into the clubs every year and explain about starting to prepare for your future now.

One representative explained about the BA (Hons) in professional sports writing and broadcasting - and I thought this is for me. 

It's a two year distance learning degree, of which we have a face-to-face contact day once every month, as well as two weeks in June at the university.

The contact days are long, up early not back until late that night.

Again this is a regular day for people and that's incredible effort.

We spend all day at the university concentrating in lectures and meetings. The lecturers only have this short time with us so they want to get in as much as possible.

Wimbledon Times:

Thinking ahead: I'm trying to use my head to plan for my future

The modules over the two years cover law, professional sports features and columns, web based journalism, work placement, sports journalism in practice and sports writing in a cross media market.

The technical stuff dealt with include camera work, radio broadcasting and different software packages used in the industry.

Like with most of these things, it's the people with you who carry you along and get you through to the final outcome.

We had a good group, started out a little bigger and then eventually thinned out. With texts and phone calls we keep each other going throughout the two years.

I am now hoping to graduate in May, but it's about putting in the final effort towards the end and achieving what we all set out to do.