"Afternoon", I say as I walk in the door into the hallway.

I’m immediately checking my surroundings for human skulls and evidence of witch craft.

I’m at a faith healer in Cork, I’m young and breaking through in the world of football and suffering with back pain.

I go into the meditation suite and lie down on the bed, and 45 minutes later I’m woke by a prod.

What a great snooze, I paid her and left just before she asked what dates my games were so she’d send me energy on those dates.

I thanked her, a lovely woman, and left. Never again.

There has been talk about the recent inclusion of Dr Steven Peters on the flight to Brazil with the England squad for the World Cup.

In my opinion it’s completely logical and should not even raise an eyebrow.

Has the effect of the relationship between former manager Glenn Hoddle and Eileen Drewery done that much damage?

Reading back about it, some of the events that occurred were laughable, like Robbie Fowler sitting in the front room watching television with Eileen's husband during one spiritual visit.

It's a bit silly but these were the early days in the field and mistakes would happen.

I spoke to Dan Abrahams - the author of "Soccer Tough: Simple Football Psychology Techniques to Improve Your Game" - recently and I don’t care who you are, how long you have been in football, or how high your career has gone, you’ll always need a re-focus every so often and that was exactly what this conversation was about.

Wimbledon Times:

Odd couple? Eileen Drewery with former England boss Glenn Hoddle

We used terms like the endless search for improvement, doing quality work, getting better and better, studying players in your position, controlling the controllable things.

They sound pretty simple when written down but sometimes during an nine-month season you drift from these things.

This could be what separates me from the elite two per cent maybe - they have this constant focus.

Then again maybe not.

In my opinion, all players need to be mentally re-focused and it is more important when the body is tired after a long season.

The mind can still be working - life gets in the way, over a long period, distractions occur.

Like my bathroom roof leaking - but that's another story.

National football is slowly catching up with other sporting national bodies who regularly use sports psychology.

Long may it continue and hopefully we'll see it seep down into grassroots football.