Housing Association Clarion have come under fire for failing to attend a community meeting to discuss the unfit housing conditions on Eastfields Estate in Mitcham.

As we previously reported, families living on the estate said their complaints about severe damp, leaks, mice and other maintenance issues have fallen on deaf ears.

They told Wimbledon Times how they have been complaining to Clarion Housing of the conditions at their properties for years - with some even stating decades.

On Friday (June 11), residents prepared to meet MP Siobhain McDonagh alongside Clarion's chief operating officer and directors of housing, to showcase their evidence of the housing associations failings and to ask questions about the repairs.

Wimbledon Times:

But residents were "let down" by the housing association after they "didn't bother to show up" to the meeting at St Marks Church in Mitcham.

Clarion Housing Association have since issued a statement in response, which said that the reason they didn't attend is because of film crews being invited onto the premises.

Pictures sent to Wimbledon Times by Merton TV, show Siobhain McDonagh, Merton Council housing officer Martin Whelton and ITV in attendance.

A family of six who live in a one-bedroom flat, recently told us how they have had "constant leaks" which led to mushrooms growing in their bathroom.

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One resident said he was forced to travel to the gym to access shower facilities because the light in his bathroom is filled with rainwater.

Wimbledon Times: Water pooled from a leak into a ceiling light ( Credit PA / Kwajo Tweneboa)Water pooled from a leak into a ceiling light ( Credit PA / Kwajo Tweneboa)

While another resident told us how her shower has been broken for an entire year - she said that every time she showers it leaks through the kitchen ceiling - running onto her electric cables.

Other residents said that despite the "whole estate" being riddled with rats, the housing association has ignored their concerns.

"My daughter even trod on a mouse. I'm on the second floor! They are in the walls everywhere," said a woman who has lived on the estate for 20 years.

Another referenced an email from a pest control company which stated that they believe there is a "wider issue inside" their flat block concerning rats.

She said she was forced to call the private company after the housing association said, "they don't do pest control anymore."

Wimbledon Times: Eastfields Estate Eastfields Estate

Other complaints included a broken fire door and main entry door that allowed people to come in and take drugs - as well as "urinate and poo" in the block.

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On Saturday (June 12), Clarion Housing issued an apology online which addressed the performance of their repairs.

It said: "We want to apologise to Clarion residents in Eastfields on our repairs performance, as there are some recent cases where we have fallen short of the standards, they have a right to expect.

"A newsletter was sent to all residents yesterday (Friday June 11) setting out the action we are taking to address the problems and improve performance.

"Our immediate priority is to dedicate more staff to the estate, to increase the speed at which we complete both communal and individual repairs.

Wimbledon Times:

"It has been reported on social media that we did not attend a public meeting held on the subject on the 11th of June.

"We meet with our residents and local political representatives on a very regular basis, but the decision was taken not to attend this meeting because we learned that a TV film crew had been invited.

We do not believe that a meeting with TV cameras rolling is the best forum to address residents’ concerns - our focus is on direct engagement with residents to address and resolve their issues.

"The homes on the Eastfields Estate are coming to the end of their life and are in need of demolition and regeneration.

"Subject to approval from the council, our long-term regeneration programme will see the area transformed.

"Clarion will invest £1.3billion across three estates and build more than 2,500 new homes, including at least 700 for social rent."