On the 23rd of June, Kingston Ladies Swimming Club (KLSC) ventured to Southgate, North London to represent Surrey in the first round of the Middlesex Regional Championships in Synchronised Swimming, an open competition held over four days.

This annual event sees girls aged eight to fifteen compete in their age group for much coveted rankings and medals.

For the first part of the competition, each age group needs to display four figures to a panel of judges, who score the girls out of ten. This year saw a large number of swimmers from five local clubs compete. 

The Kingston Ladies had an incredibly successful competition. Katie Wallace successfully beat eighteen other girls to be placed third in her age 10-12 category, her score for the inverted split position was the highest in her group. Livy Crow came first for her fantastic figure performance, beating second place by over 1.5 points! Amelia Farr and Esme Jones also came first in their categories winning KLSC another two gold medals in the 15-18 categories. 

For the second round of the competition KLSC journeyed to Southgate to compete in the routines part of the competition. In this event the swimmers perform a group routine, synchronised to each other, to a piece of music of their choice. The routines are three and a half minutes long and must show strength, endurance, creativity and skill.

Once again Kingston Ladies saw fantastic results. Our Oceanita and Aurora teams both placed third and each swimmer took away a bronze medal. KLSC’s Dolphin team also swam brilliantly, especially considering it was the team’s first ever competition. 

Well done to KLSC for such a successful competition, superbly representing the county as Surrey’s only synchronised swimming club!

KLSC is a club of 50 swimmers, run by a group of very dedicated volunteers. They train throughout the week in New Malden, Leatherhead, Sunbury and Wimbledon and are currently recruiting new swimmers, coaches and volunteers; don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information. klsc@hotmail.co.uk (www.klsc.org.uk)

Article supplied by Laura Gee