I was honoured to be a part of Ramadan Exhibitions that were held in 4 different libraries of Merton by Ahmadiyya Muslim Ladies of Raynes Park. 

The exhibitions were held at: West Barnes Library, Wimbledon Library, Morden Library and Raynes Park Library. Altogether about 100 people visited these exhibitions.

The exhibition was to inform the people about peaceful teachings of Islam, Ramadan and Eid. Posters were displayed alongside some leaflets and books. Also on offer was some free henna (hand painting).

Everyone liked the exhibition and shared their thoughts and opinions. Many of us agreed that religions only promote peace and if everyone start to respect others religions and follow their true teachings, then all the violence and injustice that is carried out in the world would stop as well. 

We were privileged to be able to show the true teachings of Islam and we had a lovely time meeting new people and listening to their experiences. We are looking forward to do more exhibitions like that and make people aware of the beautiful teachings of Islam. 

I am thankful to Merton libraries management for letting us carry out these exhibitions and supporting us in promoting the peaceful teachings of Islam. I would also like to thanks all the staff for being so kind and helpful to us.

Article supplied by Mishal Aziz