A few weeks ago I expressed concern about a lack of blackbirds in my area.

It was not until 14th March that my local bird finally began singing, much later than usual as often they commence vocalising around the middle of January.

However, now he has begun he is making up for lost time by singing from first light until dusk which is both refreshing and a relief.

He perches in my 'redwing tree' always on the same branch but unlike the redwings which perch at the extreme summit, the blackbird sits midway up the tree.

Meanwhile, those winter visiting redwings are now filtering back up to northern Europe to breed so we won't see them again until late autumn.

Many robins are singing but their songs are much stronger now compared with their rather wistful melodies throughout winter.

Dunnocks, pictured, are performing their short scratchy songs but sadly I've not hard any song thrushes this year which is a reflection on their dramatic decline nationwide.

Goldfinches are numerous, are nesting nearby and appear in large flocks performing their rather canary-like twittering as they home in on my feeders.

Such exotic colourful plumage.

A few chaffinches are around and for the first time in several years ,green finches can be heard in the distance uttering their 'wheeezing' notes.

Greenfinches have suffered in the past few years from a virus infection which has decimated their population but hopefully they may be recovering and will return in greater numbers.