Blackbirds are now in full song. My local individual begins his recital at around four thirty every morning and continues at intervals until dusk.

A pair is nesting three gardens away in a tall bush and use my lawn as a vital resource  for a superabundance of worms and invertebrates which can often be found above ground after a rainy or dewy night. So, my early birds certainly catch a plentiful supply.

My lawn is especially important as some adjacent gardens have installed plastic fake grass and paving stones, both of which create a sterile environment as far as wildlife is concerned.One morning a blackbird landed on the fake grass but quickly realised his mistake and took off looking suitably miffed! 

So, the nestlings are receiving a regular feed as the parents probe my lawn at regular intervals and fly back to the nest with beaks full of worms.

At this rate the young will fledge quite soon and then the feeding rate will rapidly escalate with the fledglings strategically placed in areas of cover, chirruping loudly to be fed (pictured). At this pre-flight stage the young are especially vulnerable with cats, crows, jays and magpies always on the lookout fr an easy meal. 

Listening  to the full dawn chorus too is a magical experience but we need to be in place, preferably along a woodland margin around 4am to appreciate it at its tuneful best.