It has been another very positive week overall in Merton.

We have had further reductions in robberies this week.

Whilst we need to keep a focus on this, there have been none reported to us over the last two days which is superb.

My CID department have also had other successes that have included charging some of our high profile criminals and I can promise you, we will continue working hard on locking up as many more as possible.

I am confident that we will have fewer victims of crime in Merton.

Unfortunately there have been some distraction burglaries recently, particularly in the Morden area.

Some of you may have seen my Twitter updates on this @MPSMerton, and also the increase in burglaries where front doors are being forced during the day when occupants are out.

Please keep reminding people to ensure they double lock all doors and windows where possible.

One offence involved a ladder taken from another house so please ensure your ladders are locked safely away as they could be used to commit further crimes.

Finally, my TKO project is due to start on the 24th of May.

This is where my staff will be joined by other volunteers from across the Borough giving up their time to provide engagement activities for our young people.

On the opening night we will be joined by 2 former world boxing champions, Tim Witherspoon and Richie Woodhall.

Both will be there to engage with the children and help with the training whilst Tim will talk a bit about his former involvement around gangs and how he managed to turn his life around which should be inspirational to all those lucky enough to get a place on our course.

That's about it for this week. Thank you all for your support and I will write to you again next Friday

Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Williams is the borough commander for Merton Police. He joined in January 2012 and wants Wimbledon Guardian readers to contact him with ideas on how to improving policing in our borough.

To put forward a suggestion or a question, email: and put "Merton police" in the subject line.

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