Green-fingered volunteers have been asked to pick up rakes, trowels and shears in the wake of council cuts.

The Adopt a Green Space scheme has been launched by environmental organisations Transition Town Wimbledon and Sustainable Merton.

It is looking for volunteers or groups to help maintain and improve small patches of council-owned green space.

Tom Walsh, co-founder of Sustainable Merton, said the scheme was born out of cuts to Merton Council budgets – but was also an opportunity for communities to take control and brighten up their own streets.

He said: “It it works then everyone’s a winner. We could see fruit, vegetables and flowers growing in all corners.”

He said the exact details of the project were yet to be decided, but it was likely to focus on smaller green spaces, which could be neglected as the council focused limited cash on parks and commons.

The scheme will probably start with pilot schemes in two or three areas before expanding.

Mr Walsh predicted similar schemes would soon start springing up across the country – as communities come together in the aftermath of August’s riots.

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