Stunned guests at a star-studded charity ball may have witnessed the most expensive haircut of all time as thousands of pounds were raised for good causes.

Co-hosted by Paul Strank Roofing and Elbrook Cash and Carry, the Gala dinner at Chak89 in Bond Road, Mitcham, raised £36,000 after a charity auction and dinner on Thursday, October 20.

Mr Strank’s wife, Irene, said the money would be split evenly to Shooting Stars Chase hospice for terminally-ill children and OneLife, a charity which helps youths from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The highlight of the charity auction was when Paul Strank himself bid £8,000 to personally shave the head of AFC Wimbledon’s commercial director, Ivor Heller.

When asked why he had bid so much, Mr Strank joked: “I’ve always wanted to get him.”

Mr Heller revealed that AFC Wimbledon’s total contribution was £16,000 after guests frantically competed for the chance to shave the head of one of the football team’s players or its manager, Terry Brown.

The club’s president, Dickie Guy, also raised £500 after offering to have his beard shaved off which he said he has had for the last 40 years.

Mr Heller said: “I feel very proud that all this money was raised just to cut my hair - it was a surreal moment but it just shows how generous Paul is.

“I’m sure it’s the most expensive haircut of all time. I’m sure billionaires like Roman Abramovich will fly in people to get their haircut, but even then I can’t believe it would cost more than eight grand.”

If the auction itself was not entertaining enough, guests were also treated to performances from R&B star singer Beverley Knight and pop journeyman Lemar, who rose to fame on BBC talent show Fame Academy.

Mete Alpsakarya, who co-founded the OneLife charity in 2009 with fellow DJ Wayne Eldridge, said the money raised from this event was enough to pay the salaries of their staff for two years.

He said: “Irene is an amazing woman and this is a massive boost. This is what it’s all about, giving money directly back to the community where it can do the most good.”

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