A sighting of "a pink jelly-fish" in the skies above Wimbledon has prompted speculation that UFOs are visiting the area.

On January 9 a visitor to wimbledonguardian.co.uk said: “I looked out my flat window this morning, over towards Merton way, and to my surprise notice a large bright pink jelly-fish looking object surrounded by a pink haze. It appeared to be hovering over or above the pylons in the distance.

“It hovered for about five minutes while I frantically searched for my camera. Did anyone else in Wimbledon see it? Any explanations?”

The author of the post, who responded to our story questioning whether there may be a link between wind turbines and UFOs, claimed the sighting took place at around 8.05am.

On January 4 a 290ft turbine near Louth in Lincolnshire was badly damaged in what enthusiasts claim was a “UFO related incident”, and witnesses reported low flying objects and unusual nights near a wind farm.

The claims of alien activity led enthusiasts to suggest a link between the energy generators and alien craft - and that the turbine at the Merton Abbey Mills shopping centre might be attracting extra-terrestrial visitors.

But a spokesman for the centre, which installed the turbine in March to power the Colour House Theatre, said that no UFOs had been seen recently.

Peter Wallder said: “I can honestly say we haven’t seen anything at all - but I will keep an eye out.” He promised to let the public know if any alien activity was spotted.

In April last year UFOs were reported above Wimbledon, and further sightings were muted in Wandsworth three months ago.

Have you seen any UFO activity?