If you need to travel on the M25 this weekend, especially early in the morning or late at night, there are lots of planned closures to be aware of.

These closures on Saturday, April 27, and Sunday, April 28, will affect carriageways, slip-roads and link roads for both clockwise and anti-clockwise sections of the motorway.

Regular updates on roadworks and real-time traffic information can be found on the Traffic England website.

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M25 closures - Saturday, 27 April

From 10pm on April 27 until 6am the following day, the M25 clockwise exit slip road at Junction 21a and the anti-clockwise entry slip road at the same junction will be closed.

The clockwise carriageway from Junction 27 to Junction 28 will also be closed on Saturday, but it begins at 10.30pm and ends at 6am on April 28.

In the anti-clockwise direction, lane closures from Junction 27 to Junction 26 are in effect from 10pm on April 27 to 7am on April 28.

The same timings apply for the anti-clockwise carriageway closure from Junction 28 to Junction 27, as well as for the closure of the entry slip road at Junction 28.

Further south, the anti-clockwise carriageway from Junction 6 to Junction 5, including the Junction 6 entry slip road, will close from 10pm on Saturday until 5.30am the next day.

In all instances, diversions via National Highways and Local Authorities roads will be in place.

M25 closures - Sunday, 28 April

From 10.30pm on April 28 until 5.30am on April 29, the M26 westbound lane from Junction 2A to Junction 1 will be closed, affecting the M25 clockwise Junction 5 link road.

The M25 clockwise carriageway from Junction 5 to Junction 6 will also be closed on Sunday night, from 10.30pm until 5.30am on Monday morning.

As with the closures on Saturday, diversions via National Highways and Local Authorities roads will be in place during these times.

These overnight closures are for various testing, major scheme works and installation works on the M25.