At Kew Green Preparatory School, one thing is certain: the pupils are sure to fulfil their potential, academically, physically and socially. With the introduction of a new Headteacher coinciding with the outstanding achievement of securing the highest forms of excellence during their latest inspection, the only way is up for Kew Green Prep.

Speaking to newly installed Headteacher Mrs Sasha Davies gives an incredible insight into the way the school is run, the priorities and aspirations they hold dear, and just how they intend to secure the future of each of the children who passes through it. For Sasha, taking on the role of Headteacher was almost predestined.

“I come from a family of educators; my father was a headteacher. I like to think I had a choice but it was really in my blood. For me, what greater aspiration could there be than wanting to shape young minds for the future and to shape who the next generation could turn out to be?”

Entering her second year in the role allows for a moment of reflection, and while her first year might not have been purely enjoyable as she hit the ground running, more “fulfilling” for what was able to be achieved, the start of her journey as Headteacher at Kew Green Prep has certainly made a difference already.

When you look at the London prep school scene there are a lot of similarities to what’s on offer; excellent academics, the curricula opportunities, shaping the child to make a positive difference in our world. So what is it that makes Kew Green Preparatory school stand out from the rest? For Sasha, this can be summed up in three distinct points.

“What sets us apart, and it’s something people always comment on, is that feeling that we really know the children. Our knowledge of every child and our ethos is all about championing the individual, recognising them, planning for them, celebrating them, wanting the best for them. Because of our size, I can say confidently that every teacher in this school knows every single child and that lends itself hugely to that feeling of warmth and closeness.”

Couple this with the truly unique position of Kew Green Prep’s surrounding area, and you’ve got something quite spectacular on your hands.

“Our site is a big house on a lovely plot of land by the Thames with a green, it feels like a big family house. It certainly has a countryside feel, at the front of the school we have the green that we use for our sport and we have the church that we use as a venue for some events, and we’ve got this very secluded but safe and large site for London. A parent has even said to me ‘I can’t believe we’re in London.’”

Finally, the children themselves make an impact too, and as each year passes with new children joining the school and familiar faces moving on to the next part of their adventure, the impression they have on the staff and families they leave behind is not to be overlooked.

“The lead inspector said to me “I’ve been a head for over thirty years, an inspector for 15, and I’ve never enjoyed my pupil voice more. Your children love the school and have so much to say.” For me that was the biggest takeaway from the inspection, and it’s true! We genuinely love being with them; they’re interesting, they have hobbies and passions outside of the classroom but still engage with school life. They want to give things a go.”

This translates well into the teaching style on offer at Kew Green, with their ambition to go further always on display.

“We’re a London prep school so we do prepare for the 11+, we’re academically rigorous and ambitious, but we also are a true prep school in that you can drop your child off and know that they’ve got more or less everything on site. You’ll pick them up at the end of the day and they’ll be exhausted because they’ve had a full day of enrichment, excellent teaching and learning. Happy children who have high self-esteem, who feel safe, they are going to be successful and progress and thrive.”

Looking ahead sees Sasha’s desire to build upon the work already started, evolving the school and its ambitions whilst always remembering how they achieved such excellence to begin with.

“My role here is to make this excellent school even better. If and when I leave, it’s about looking back on what I’ve achieved, how it has evolved, the legacy I’m leaving behind. I need to see and know that we have continued to evolve from this position of strength with the accolade that we achieved last February.”

To find out more about this incredible institution and see if it’s the right fit for your family, head over to the website or get in touch today.

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