A quick-thinking young woman punched a man who sexually assaulted her at a station - before taking his photo and giving the details of the train he fled on to police.

Now the serial sex offender has been jailed for assaulting her and masturbating in front of several other women on trains.

Kolawole Oladetoun, 25, of Leather Gardens, Stratford, was sentenced to 23 months in prison on January 15 at Harrow Crown Court.

On October 18, 2020, Oladetoun boarded a service to Kentish Town and sat diagonally across from a lone 30-year-old woman.

He exposed himself and began masturbating while staring intently at her until she left in distress, British Transport Police (BTP) said.

On four more occasions that year Oladetoun targeted other women in a similar way, exposing himself and staring and or grinning at them while the pervert masturbated.

The court heard that on August 7, 2021 his behaviour escalated when he sexually touched a 19-year-old woman as she climbed the steps at Hounslow West London Underground Station.

She turned around and punched Oladetoun, who ran off and boarded another train.

Despite this, she managed to take a photograph of him and memorised the headcode of the train.

British Transport Police officers arrested Oladetoun on the train after identifying him from her photograph.

A manhunt was launched in July last year when he failed to appear at court.

On July 27, in his absence, Oladetoun was found guilty of five counts of exposure and one count of sexual touching.

On January 15 he was sentenced and also handed a seven-year sexual harm prevention order.

Investigating officer Det Sgt Brittany Armstrong said: "Four of the women targeted by Oladetoun demonstrated remarkably quick thinking by taking a photograph or video of him despite being left shaken and terrified of what he might do next.

"It is in no small part thanks to all the women targeted that we were able to piece together Oladetoun predatory behaviour across the network and ultimately bring him before the courts.

"Their bravery in reporting what happened to them and their help with the investigation should be commended.

"We will stop at nothing and make full use of our plentiful resources to come after those who exhibit this type of behaviour on the network.

“If you experience or witness a sexual offence on the railway, I urge you to report it to 61016 or via the Railway Guardian app. In an emergency, always dial 999. We will always take you seriously.”