A man in Canary Wharf who thought he saw a body in the River Thames was pleasantly surprised after it was pulled from the water by police - and turned out to be a toy car.

Frankie Rumble was in a dog training session near Mariners Mews on January 31 when he spotted "something suspicious from the riverside". 

After getting a closer look, he feared it was a body floating in the water. 

Frankie said: "I wasn't 100 per cent certain [so] I stopped a jogger and asked them to have a look. They mentioned it looks like a body and I said 'yes I think so too'".

After discussing with the jogger to call the Port of London Authority, Frankie made the call to alert police.

Wimbledon Times: Frankie added the object was way out in the middle of the riverFrankie added the object was way out in the middle of the river (Image: Frankie Rumble)

He told the Advertiser: "Myself and another dog owner [were] helping then and directing the police to what we thought might [have] been a body.

"I wasn't 100pc certain if it was but I knew I had to call it in just in case, at least then someone will be able to put them to rest."

After police arrived and pulled the 'body' from the water, Frankie's fears were immediately eased. 

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He said: "Once the police got on top, they confirmed with me it wasn't a body and was a toy car.

"We all just started having a laugh about it but they were happy that we did call it in.

"It was right in the middle of the river, it was hard to see it but it looked like a coat with trapped air in it and a hoodie with trapped air inside.

"I'm really grateful it wasn't a body and that we could all have a laugh about it."

Wimbledon Times: Police rescued the toy car from the ThamesPolice rescued the toy car from the Thames (Image: Frankie Rumble)

Frankie commended police on their quick action to rescue the children's toy car from the Thames. 

Facebook users were in support of Frankie's decision to call it in, with one saying: "You did exactly the right thing". 

Another added: "It does look like a body". 

The Metropolitan Police were contacted for comment.