A Metropolitan Police officer who was part of a task force which specifically targets drug dealers has been sacked after she admitted using cocaine at a boat party. 

PC Lauren Burns was asked to take a drugs test in November last year after allegations that she regularly used cocaine and was open about the fact in the workplace. 

But PC Burns refused to provide a sample and said she had taken cocaine two weeks before at a boat party. 

She said this had been the first time she had taken cocaine. 

PC Burns was part of the Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF), which is tasked specifically with targeting criminals linked to drugs and weapons across London. 

On Monday, November 13, a misconduct hearing determined that PC Burns’ actions undermined confidence in the Met. 

She was subsequently dismissed without notice. 

Assistant Commissioner Pippa Mills said: “It is entirely unacceptable for police officers who are responsible for enforcing the law to break the law themselves. 

“Doing so undermines public trust and confidence in policing as well as our reputation.”