Three people have been charged with aggravated trespass after tennis matches at Wimbledon were interrupted.

On July 5, at around 2.08pm, a male and female member of the Just Stop Oil group ran onto Court 18 during a match and discarded what police believed to be orange paper petals and jigsaw pieces.

Later that day at 4.30pm a male member of Just Stop Oil Group ran onto Court 18, also discarding what police believe to be jigsaw pieces and orange paper petals.

All three were detained by security staff before they were arrested by Met Police and later taken into custody.

The following have been charged with aggravated trespass and have been released on bail to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates court on Monday, August 7:

  • Deborah Wilde, 68, of Russell Avenue, Wood Green
  • Simon Milner-Edwards, 66 of Dartmouth Road, Manchester
  • William Ward, 66, of Stoneleigh Road, Surrey