Wimbledon is currently full of life and the town has gone tennis-crazy for the tournament that is being held over the next two weeks, so we chatted to some business owners and visitors about the event.

With the streets strewn in purple and green banners and tennis balls galore, it’s no wonder both the locals and tourists are so into the spirit of the annual competition.

It is very rare to come across a shop in Wimbledon town centre or the village that has not gone all out for the celebrations, with their own creative takes on their displays.

The Ivy has a stand-out display of two giant tennis racquets and the front of the building is covered in an artificial lawn – but it is not the only venue making an amazing effort to be visually impressive.

From cute giant tennis balls to Womble themed post box toppers – the town has gone all out.

Wimbledon Times: Womble postbox topperWomble postbox topper (Image: Amy C)

Aggi Karol, deputy manager at the Prince of Wales pub in Wimbledon, said that the tournament is a very busy time of year for them and that they always go all out on the decorations.

The pub has even set up a scenic space with two garden chairs on a lawn along with some tennis racquets so that guests can pose for photos and put them on social media.

The whole bar and exterior of the venue is decorated with an abundance of tennis balls.

Wimbledon Times: Amy CAmy C (Image: Amy C)

Aggi told Newsquest south London: “The tourists love it to be honest.

“We are expecting to be busy. After Covid it was a little quiet and it was a bit of a tough time but now it does feel like it is back to normal.”

The pub even serves strawberries and cream just in case you forgot to get your hands on a portion at the game.

She added: “We are also opening early and putting on breakfast so that people can get something to eat before the games.

“It’s a proper English breakfast which the tourists are really looking for.”

Aggi grew up in Mitcham and has seen the Wimbledon tournament play out in the area many times.

She added: “I moved here 18 years ago, and Wimbledon is just part of living in the area.”

Wimbledon Times: Photo area in the Prince of Wales Photo area in the Prince of Wales (Image: Amy C)

The streets are bustling full of people and busloads of fans are being shuttled to and from the town, making for easy access to the games.

The event always attracts the big names and has ongoing royal connections, making attendance all that more special.

Kate, The Princess of Wales, was welcomed with applause to the Royal Box in Wimbledon’s Centre Court on Tuesday.

This morning she greeted two young children before heading to Court 18 to watch British number one Katie Boulter before the rain suspended her match and in the afternoon, she took her seat in the Royal Box in Centre Court.

Kate is the patron of the Lawn Tennis Association and regularly attends Wimbledon.

Steve and Victoria Ollington, who live in West Sussex, attended a game at 11am on Tuesday and said faced no problems with queues as they had prepurchased tickets in advance.

Wimbledon Times: The Ivy in Wimbledon VillageThe Ivy in Wimbledon Village (Image: Amy C)

On day one, some spectators who had visited Wimbledon in previous years said the queue was the “worst” they had seen and organisers said extra checks – put in place over concerns about protests – were to blame for the slow queue.

Victoria said: “The atmosphere was really good actually but unfortunately the rain stops play so it looks like it is going to be a bit on and off today.

“I work in fashion and it’s just so lovely to see everything that the women are wearing and the looks that they have chosen."

Steve added: “We watched a few games on the outside courts too and had a wander around and some drinks.

“I just love the way Wimbledon comes together to make it a real experience.”

Victoria said: “I’ve always wanted to come. I lived in Clapham for about 12 years and I always wanted to come to the tennis and luckily we got the opportunity today.

“It’s great to just soak up the atmosphere and even to see Wimbledon Village and how they have decorated everything – it’s just Tennis themed everything.”

Wimbledon Times: Steve and Victoria OllingtonSteve and Victoria Ollington (Image: Amy C)

Wimbledon saw the highest attendance on day one of the tournament since 2015, organisers have said.

According to the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), 42,815 people attended the championships on Monday, which means there were over 6,000 more spectators than last year when 36,603 people visited.

Nikki Williams, who hosts the Flowersmith stall outside Wimbledon Station, told Newsquest South London: “It’s nice to have lots of people around us – the atmosphere is buzzing.

“We get a lot of Americans coming through and they sometimes want directions.”

“I’ve always had an interest in Wimbledon since I was a little girl. I just loved the cars and the people – but you can always guarantee the rain.”

Wimbledon Times: The Flowersmith stall outside Wimbledon StationThe Flowersmith stall outside Wimbledon Station (Image: Amy C)

She explained that she grew up close by and has owned the stall since 2004.

Nikki also said that although there is an influx of people in the area it does not really do too much to help business as many are unable to take flowers with them.

She added: “It is just all good fun to get people together for a few weeks and have some strawberries and Pimms.”