A south London Hobbycraft team has gone viral on TikTok for the staff’s humorous videos and iconic dance moves.

The team at Wimbledon Hobbycraft have 14.7K followers and have racked up 472.2K likes in total.

Their top video, with 1.4 million views, is a response to a woman who is trying to get a reaction from fellow customers in the store by playing the viral “can I get an oh yeah?” game.

The video is only a few seconds long but appears to have tickled the funny bone of many.

Another popular video is a clip of well-loved shop assistant Jacqui with helium balloons tied to pieces of her hair.

@hobbycraft_wimbledon Have I got something in my hair ? #Hobbycraft #Wimbledon #Hello #badhairday #up #heliumballoon #balloontiktok #pumpitup #partytime #balloondecor #balloondecorationideas #retail #retaillife #rainbowhair #hairtutorial @Bert ♬ original sound - evie

Users appear to love all the videos which feature Jacqui – with comments reading “Jacqui this is art”, “Jacqui promotion now or I never set foot in your stores again” and “Jacqui over in Wimbledon carrying the Hobbycraft socials”.

The gang also love reconstructions of Abba songs such as Money, Money, Money – with staff members dramatically stomping around the store miming to the lyrics.

It appears the staff have a lot of fun at the store and would be a great bunch to work with.

@hobbycraft_wimbledon Mamma Mia shop party🥳 #hobbycraft #wimbledon #mammamia #abba #abbatok #moneymoneymoney #retail #retaillife #mammamiachallenge @ABBA @ABBA Voyage ♬ original sound - sped up songs

There must be someone who has a good knowledge of filming and video editing in order to put together TikToks with these kinds of shots and transitions.

Jacqui has featured in a recent video where she mimes the hit song Flowers by Miley Cyrus while using items in the store as props to match the lyrics – such as plastic decorative flowers, sand and mirrors.

Some videos are a little more serious, such as showing customers how to make crafts such as tissue flowers or giving a sneak peak of their easter collection.

They used the account to announce a Meet and Greet with fashion designer Patrick Grant – who will be visiting the store at 2pm on Monday, February 27.

Joe and Jacqui even got to attend the carol concert at Westminster Abbey which held a service that was dedicated to the late Queen - they shared their day and experience on the app.

They helped decorate 47 trees in the Abbey using donated supplies from Hobbycraft and Jacqui said that it was “an honour to be a part of it”.

@hobbycraft_wimbledon Operation "Deck the Halls" #Hobbycraft #Wimbledon #royalfoundation #westminsterabbey #royalcarols #carolstiktok #christmastreedecorating #togetheratchristmas ♬ Deck the Halls - Lofi - Gentle State

The account has been running since July 2022 but appears to be making it’s rounds on people's “For You” page at the moment.

Some users that do not live in the area are baffled as to why the videos are being recommended to them, with one reading “no earthly clue how this ended up on my frontpage. BUT I LOVE IT.”

The Wimbledon store is located at Unit 3B in the Plough Lane retail park and opened in November 2021.