When you think of the goddess of pop music – the one and only Cher – what is the first thought that pops into your head?

Is it the distinctive contralto voice, or perhaps the young love between her and Sonny, or maybe the hundreds of iconic fashion looks she has created over the years?

Well, whatever it is, you can be sure to see it all at The Cher Show.

On Tuesday evening (January 24) my friend and I visited the New Wimbledon Theatre to watch The Cher Show – a musical dedicated to the glamourous life and career of Cherilyn Sarkisian, more commonly known as Cher.

Wimbledon Times:

Three West End stars play Cher throughout the show: Millie O’Connell as babe - the ditsy and romantic adolescent who rose to fame alongside her husband Sonny in 1965 - Danielle Steers as Lady - the passionate young woman who performed her heart out in Vegas as she dealt with the trials and tribulations of divorce - and Debbie Kurup, as the ultimate diva Star.

Performing over six decades of stardom, the three Cher’s were mesmerizing from start to finish, each bringing impeccable performances with individual personalities as well as belting out the iconic hits in the same notes as the goddess herself.

Wimbledon Times: The Cher ShowThe Cher Show (Image: The Cher Show)

Legendary sayings Cher has said in her lifetime were brought to the stage, including “wagon wheel Watutsi”, “snap out of it” and my favourite one of all, “but mum, I am a rich man”.

I mean this when I say this – there is nothing I want in my life more than the costumes in this show.

Based off the looks throughout Cher’s life, costume designer Gabriella Slade truly hit every mark – each rhinestone glistened in the light and were replicated almost to perfection.

The first half of the production followed the early years of Cher, including her rise to fame when she performed on Top of the Pops along with her late husband, Sonny Bono, and sang their 1965 single, I Got You Babe, as well as her classics, You Better Sit Down Kids, The Shoop Shoop song and Half-Breed.

Wimbledon Times: The Cher ShowThe Cher Show (Image: The Cher Show)

Next, we were welcomed into the seventies, when we met Lady – the witty TV star who was navigating her world into making it her own – and not to mention, wore the most glitzy – glamourous outfits of them all.

The storyline was easy to follow and amusing throughout – the constant giggles from the audience definitely confirmed I was not the only one enjoying the show.

Wimbledon Times:

As we approached the interval, the three Cher’s gathered on stage to sing Song for the Lonely – a powerful ballad which gripped me with emotion, but to our dismay, the theatre had a few technical difficulties, so the end of the first half was carried on after the entr’acte.

The show must go on, right?

“I am going to start channelling my inner Cher every day from now on” - my friend flippantly said as we enjoyed a cold beverage in the bar before taking back to our seats for the second half.

Although both halves of the show were narrated by each Cher, the second half mostly focused on Star – a representation of Cher throughout the eighties and nineties – and Debbie Kurup worked the Wimbledon Stage like the true star she was assigned to be.

From the voice to the body gestures, Debbie had her enactment of Cher down to a T, it was astounding to watch a performer as perfectly accurate and precise as she was to dance and sing right in front of me.

Wimbledon Times:

As expected, the crowd formed a standing ovation towards the end of the show, and we were able to sing and dance along with the cast members to Believe, If I Could Turn Back Time and You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me.

It was a magical, mesmerising evening and I can confidently say it was one of the coolest musicals I have ever seen.