Police and the fire brigade have reminded the public of the dangers of frozen lakes after people have been sighted on the ice in Wimbledon Common.

Kerry Hopkins, a local business woman who runs the Broadcast Academy, was out walking her dog when she noticed quite a number of people on the frozen Rushmere Pond – including children.

At around midday police and the fire service attended the pond and cleared people off the ice, cordoning off the pond.

“Danger thin ice” signs had already been stationed around the area.

Metropolitan Police confirmed that they attended along with the brigade, but Wimbledon Times is awaiting further comment from LFB.

On December 15 footage of a pair ice skating on the same pond was shared on social media.

The owner of the video says that the duo was reportedly told to stop by park wardens as they “might encourage children” although they but ignored the request.

Wimbledon Common rangers have been contacted for further comment.

London Fire Brigade (LFB) said it has received “several” calls over the last few days and warned people to stay off ice.

These incidents are during the same week that four boys died after being pulled from a frozen lake.

Siblings Samuel Butler, six, and Finlay Butler, eight, died along with their cousin Thomas Stewart, 11, and Jack Johnson, 10, after they were rescued from Babbs Mill Lake in Kingshurst, Solihull, last Sunday (December 11).

Merton Police said: “As much as we encourage people and families to get out and have fun, there are real dangers to walking, playing, cycling etc on frozen lakes.

“Sadly, four young lives were lost this week in Solihull.

“Please stay off the frozen lakes and ponds.

“It's not worth the risk.”

A spokesperson for London Fire Brigade: "

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “Firefighters were called to reports of people on a frozen pond on Wimbledon Common on Saturday.

"Crews attended to assist police and a safety cordon was put around the pond as a precaution.

“The Brigade was called at 1206 and the incident was over for firefighters by 1248. One fire engine from Wimbledon Fire Station attended the scene.

“Walking out on to frozen ponds or lakes is extremely dangerous. Never assume that the ice is thick enough to support you.

"It may look sturdy enough to stand on, but it often isn't and can be of variable thickness especially as you move away from the edge where the ice is often thinner.

“If you fall into icy water, the risk of hypothermia is very high and can prove fatal.

“We’re urging parents to take some time to talk to their children about the dangers of going on the ice and to supervise them carefully.

“We also see a number of people who put themselves in danger by attempting to rescue pets that have become stranded or trapped, and then they also need to be rescued by the brigade.

"Dog owners should keep them on a lead and keep a close eye on them.

"Firefighters are trained and have specialist equipment to rescue those who do get stuck on, or in, an icy lake or pond, so if you see a person or an animal in difficulty don’t put yourself at risk by going in after them. Call 999, keep your eye on them and stay off the ice.”