One of the most cherished members of the Bangladeshi community, Enam Ali has passed away at the age of 61 following a two-year battle against cancer.

Enam Ali raised more than £2 million for various charities and held a multitude of advisory, governing and director positions in various businesses, foundations, and organisations.

He became well-known for being the leading pioneer of the UK curry industry – owning a successful restaurant, being the founder of Spice Business Magazine and the British Curry Awards.

The businessman was said to bring the curry restaurant industry into mainstream media by using his “illustrious charm and unwavering support from those around him” including politicians, VIPs, celebrities and many more.

Wimbledon Times:

As well as his duty to the business and cultural community, he was a family-man in the truest sense - a beloved son, sibling, husband, father, and grandfather.

Enam Ali’s children say their father’s death has “sent shockwaves across the world”, with tributes coming in from across the globe.

They added: “His achievements and accolades were innumerable.

“A testament to the unparalleled and shining legacy of the remarkable human being that was Enam Ali.”

Enam Ali was known to “shape society for good” and will be missed by those who have benefitted from his dedication and hard work over many years.